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Difficulty: Intermediate (There are tools to make translating simple, but you’ll still find it easier if you’re relatively computer savvy).

All of our themes can be translated into your own language. This means that all of the text in the admin panel, and on your site itself, will appear in the language you choose.

Of course, that’s assuming someone has already translated the theme into your language (Each theme’s page on this site will list the available translations). If not, you may have to do it yourself, but you’ll be glad to know it’s relatively straightforward to do (And we’d really appreciate you sharing your translations with us if you do!)

We’re going to cover two things here:

  • 1 – How to Use a Translation.
  • 2 – How to Translate a Theme Yourself

How to Use a Translation

Assuming your theme comes with the translation you need, you can activate it very simply. Open up your wp-config.php file (It’s in your main WordPress folder), and look for the line that says:

define ('WPLANG', '');

Now simply enter the correct language code. You can find them listed in brackets next to the full language name on this page, e.g. French would be fr_FR.

define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');

Now both WordPress and your theme will use that language!

How to Translate a Theme Yourself

Again, this is relatively simple. To start with, choose the tool you want to use. The two we recommend (And will explain in a minute) are:

  • Codestyling Localization – This is a WordPress plugin, and probably the easiest option.
  • Poedit – This is a desktop app that works on Windows, Mac or Linux, and lets you translate on your computer.

To translate using Codestyling Localization:

  • 1 – Install the plugin, then browse to Tools > Localization.
  • 2 – Find the theme you want to translate.
  • 3 – If the language you want to edit already exists, click the “Modify” link. Otherwise, click “Add New Language“.
  • 4 – Start translating! The plugin takes care of naming and saving the file to the right place for you, so there’s nothing else to worry about. Just remember to click “generate mo-file” each time you want to save your work.

To translate using Poedit:

  • 1 – Download Poedit and install it.
  • 2 – In your theme, go into the languages folder and look for the xx_XX.pot file (In Chameleon itself, looking under admin>languages). Open this file in Poedit.
  • 3 – Click “File > Save As”. Now save the file back into the same “languages” folder. You must name the file with the language code (e.g. ‘fr_FR’) from this page. The file format should be .po. Poedit will create two files, e.g. fr_FR.po and (The .po is the one you edit, the .mo is the one that your site uses).
  • 4 – Start translating! Each time you hit save, poedit will automatically resave both copies of the file.

When you’ve finished translating, please do email us your translated files. We’d really appreciate you letting other users make use of your translations as well. It helps us open PliablePress up to everyone, and you will be credited for your work of course!

Some final tips for translating:

  • If you see HTML code, e.g. <a href=”%s”>link name</a>, make sure you keep that HTML in your translation.
  • You may see character codes like this: &raquo; . That is the HTML code for this character: » . You should reuse these in your translations if possible. The easiest way to see what each code does is to load the theme and see how that piece of text looks in use. If you can’t find it though or aren’t sure what any code in any translation does, just ask!
  • If the phrases don’t make sense for translation into your language, please email us and explain the issue. We’re far from being linguists, so if we need to adapt things to make them translatable into all languages, we will with your help!
  • Chameleon (our framework) will be the bulk of your translation work. It has a lot to be translated. The other themes have extremely little though (Around 10 – 20 phrases per theme. Backdrop only has 8!).

That’s all! If you do decide to translate a theme, we really appreciate you taking the time to do it, and if there’s anything we can do to help out, just let us know!