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How to Embed a Category in a Page

On the form, Melondome asked if it was possible to embed posts from a certain category into a page. I’m going to show you how to do it here (And it’s a great example of just how powerful hooks can be!)

You can see the end result on the Aquinas Grammar School website, where they have a Page for each subject, and the posts about that subject embedded below.

WP3.0 as a Minimum Now

WordPress 3.0 brought in a lot of great new features for developers, and I want to take advantage of them all.

I’ve already started this with the new menu support, but the themes remained compatible with WordPress 2.9.

The reality however is that there is a lot more in WordPress 3.0 that I want to take advantage of, and it won’t be possible to make these same upgrades for users not yet on the new version.

And where it is possible, it’s still not ideal because our code will get bloated in order to support both versions, and the development time for new features will be longer.