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How to Embed a Category in a Page

On the form, Melondome asked if it was possible to embed posts from a certain category into a page. I’m going to show you how to do it here (And it’s a great example of just how powerful hooks can be!)

You can see the end result on the Aquinas Grammar School website, where they have a Page for each subject, and the posts about that subject embedded below.

Oracle 1.1 Final (And Other Updates)

Oracle 1.1 final is out now, along with Chameleon 1.1.2, and an update to all of our other themes as well.

The best way to see the updates is to check out the new demo video which will show you just how easy it is to control your homepage now, as well as the funky features of the menu bar!

And for a list of what all is new, read on!

Oracle 1.1 Soft Launch

We’ve been working on a set of updates to Oracle. If you’ve been reading the forums or following us on Twitter, you’ll have a good idea of what these will include.

But in case not, here’s a quick overview; total (simple!) control over the posts on your homepage columns via the control panel, persistent dropdown navigation in the menus, 3rd level menu support, and full width page templates.